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Chae Perth, WA

5 months ago i was lucky enough to give birth to the most beautiful, healthy happy baby! What a fulfilling, joyful adventure it has been. But no one ever talks about the difficulties new mums and dads face, and how these pressures stem from a loving place, from wanting to be the best possible parent to your precious new baby. The hardest part for me (and my poor hubby too) was lack of sleep. We had a baby who slept beautifully from the day we brought him home from hospital...until he hit the four month sleep regression! He was waking every hour for weeks. Amongst my dark circled eyes, beehive hair and zombie walk, I decided it was time to get some advice and so i came across 'Carolines Angels'. Caroline M came to our house, explored our sons sleeping environment, his personality, our lifestyle. With some simple changes and tips we now have a baby who has learnt to LOVE his cot and nap time, and who is now beginning to self settle (if you had told me this only a month ago i would have called you crazy). She gave us loving tips to help guide baby to sleep, and tailored it to not only our little ones unique self, but our families way of doing things. Above all, she gave this new mum confidence to persist and show me it could be done. We now have a very happy, well rested baby (and parents). Cant recommend these lovely ladies enough?


Anonymous Como, WA

My husband and I first met Caroline when my son was 9 weeks old. My son was a Velcro baby to say the least and would only be held to sleep. Needless to say this was not sustainable and my husband and I did not know how to deal with his sleep. Caroline created a very gentle plan consisting of 4 phases that ended with my son falling asleep by himself in his bassinet. No tears or stress for myself, husband or son! As it does, my son's sleep went out the window when he was five months. It had become hourly night wakings where he would only settle being rocked and held. This was going into its fifth week when I desperately emailed Caroline again. My husband and I were really suffering and my son's sleep was no longer restorative. My happy baby was gone. I knew Caroline was on leave but I emailed anyway so my desperate plea would be there upon her return. I'm guessing my desperation was beyond obvious as Caroline got in touch with me before her trip was over. She had a plan already in place and told me she would be there for a home visit ASAP. Caroline must have magic sleep dust because she settled my son for his nap with patience and calm (it was long and difficult) and from there we haven't looked back! With my son's hourly night wakings, my perception of parenthood was really changing for the worse, myself and my husband's wellbeing was really suffering and exhaustion had set in. Caroline truly saved us and our sleep. The fog has cleared for my husband and I, and my son is happy and healthy after quality restorative sleeps. It doesn't sound like much but the difference Caroline has made has literally been life changing.


Lisa Perth, WA

I wanted to update you on how things are going with Leo however I don’t want to jinx myself by telling you how good he has been!! Since Sunday, he has woken up at 6.15am every day. It’s been over six months since he has slept til past 6am!! I started last week putting him to bed standing in his cot and he has been really good at laying down and then finding his ruggy and going to sleep on his own. Thank you for all of your help and advice and feel free to share my success story with others J Thanks again Caroline.



Good morning Caroline, Little baby Hunter is well. I truly believe the method you set out for me works! Whenever I have deviated slightly from the plan it is not as affective. Hunter is in his own room and while we are renovating our room I have set up my bed just outside his room. I started properly on Thursday and again Hunter is now sleeping in his cot, transferring easily, and self settling in just a few short days. WOW again. This from a little boy who, due to the environment changes the last few months, had reverted back to waking every two hours to feed, sleeping in my bed and the only way to get him to sleep was talking him for a walk in his pram! We have experienced everything from having to pick him up after an hour and start all over again, to placing him in his cot and not even having to go in there while he settled in 20 minutes all by himself protesting but not crying. Last night he went to sleep at 7:30 stirred a little at 10:30 and didn't wake for a feed until 12:30am. Hunter hasn't slept for 5 hours since before Christmas. Awake again at 2:30. Tried to settle and should have persevered but I fed him again. He stirred at 4:15 and woke at 4:45. I settled him in 5 minutes without too much fuss. The minute I got back into bed he was crying. He was wriggling around so I changed him, gave him a cuddle and he went back in his cot. He is asleep at the moment and has been for an hour and a half. I know it is still going to take some time to have his routine working again but I am pleased and confident we will get there soon. He is such a sweet happy baby. Thanks to your original help I have had the confidence to go through this process again. Thank you again.


Marnie Perth, WA

Caroline M came into our lives when my baby was 5 weeks old. A sleep cycle of 45minutes maximum day and night ordered some intervention so we could both get some well-deserved sleep and integrate a sleep/feed schedule. Caroline is a pioneer in her field. She uses a unique approach to “your” situation. I am a solo mum so I needed strategies for only single parenting and to suit our home environment. Caroline did not disappoint. Her home visits were so welcomed and both my baby and myself were always happy to see Caroline. She is heart-warming, professional and full of knowledge and wisdom. She interacted with myself, and my baby in the most respectful, encouraging and nurturing way. Today my baby is 14 months old and I still consult with Caroline when things go a bit to the left of field with development and growth. She continually explains how to support your baby and set them up to succeed what you both are trying to achieve. At 14 months I have a baby with amazing sleep and feed behaviours and habits. Through following Caroline’s strategies I feel confident as a mother to continue to provide the support my baby needs. Caroline is full of simple and realistic tips and learning’s that will help settling into the role of motherhood so much easier. Thank you Caroline. You are a superstar!


Jenni Perth, WA

This has been a bit slow in coming (nearly 8 years!) but I have to thank Caroline M from the bottom of my heart for helping our 5-month-old Sophie with her sleep. I was in the depths of despair when I called Caroline, having not slept - day or night - for about 6 weeks. You came to the house, spent the night, and gave me practical advice tailored specifically to Sophie (who was quite specific about what she wanted as it turned out!). It took 2 weeks to put it all into practice and she was a much better sleeper from then on. We hit a snag again when she was about 3 years old and again you gave me advice over the email, answering my endless questions. Today Sophie is nearly 8 years old and an EXCELLENT sleeper and has been for years!! All those years of having a routine, and doing the right thing have paid off and I just wanted everyone to know that the solutions that you provide are not temporary - they are designed to make a great sleeper forever 🙂 We are forever grateful for the service you provide


Amy Perth, WA

Caroline R you have saved our lives. I never thought I could be more in love with our little girl but a week of beautiful, uninterrupted sleep has proven me wrong. You have helped us more than you could ever know. Thank you for making our family so much stronger and happier.


Nikki Perth, WA

I just wanted to provide a bit of an update since I last posted. Since having Caroline R visit our home last year in November, we now have a happy almost 14 month old who sleeps 12-13 hours per night and goes to sleep on her own and sleeps through, & has 2 decent naps per day. When I look back I can’t imagine what our situation would look like now if we hadn’t got Caroline’s Angels to help us. If you are on the fence about getting help, I highly recommend it! Yes, it’s a lot of persistence, & hard work but if you follow the advice you are given it will be well worth it for you, and baby!


Robyn Perth, WA

Just had the lovely Caroline R over this morning! Wow! Big changes to make but so ready for the outcome! Thank you Caroline for your help! I feel so optimistic for the near future! Phoenix slept for an hour and a half!!!


Danielle Perth, WA

My very serious but well rested Lil girl slept through the night last night and once again it is all because of you amazing ladies!! 💕I may not have picked up the phone or sent an email but after being at my wits end trying to get my daughter to self settle and wondering what I was doing wrong, trying to tick all the boxes and trying to convince myself her Hip Brace couldn't be our demise because she may have to wear it for a few months yet.. So this very tired Mumma went to her filing cabinet and pulled out our notes from our home visit with our son and I wrote out a new routine that would work around my 3 yr olds commitments and some good tips. I stuck our routine on the fridge and our tips on our daughters bedroom door and got stuck into fixing our girls sleep.. 3 days in and she self settles for both day sleeps within minutes and sleeps for a couple hours and although it's taking a couple hours to settle her for her bedtime sleep (that's still a work in progress) last night our little princess slept from 8pm until 7am. Caroline M you truly are amazing and your still helping this family 2 years after your visit. You've left a lasting impression 😘


Leah Perth, WA

Caroline R you saved our lives! My husband and I were saying tonight how amazing the last few weeks have been. We realized we've been putting Emily to bed, while she's awake and all we've had to do after our story time is have a cuddle and say goodnight and we can leave the room while she's still awake. How different is that to the girl you first saw?! She wouldn't sleep more than a couple of hours at a time, she wouldn't even entertain the idea of being alone, she'd only sleep in our bed/on the couch and wouldn't even go in her own room, let alone near her bed. Now she happily sleeps 11-12 hours a night, naps during the day, eats like a champion and is the happiest little girl in the world. We cannot thank you enough!! xx


Jennifer Perth, WA

I need to express how happy I am right now. After 3 nites my son in now sleeping through after 11months of 2-3 wakes a nite. Plus we weaned him in one day and is now on a bottle. The support, encouragement trust and most of all the wealth of experience was absolutely amazing and would highly recommend them!


Nat Perth, WA

Hi Caroline (McMahon)... This post has been a long time coming, mainly because I was still in denial and didn't want to jinx myself for putting it out there... But it's official my little Olivia is a SLEEPER! She has gone from waking 12 times a night... to none! I honestly, can't thank you enough. You are a LIFE SAVER! Plus you're one of the most kindest, supportive and understanding people I have ever met 🙂 To anybody who reads this or is losing their mind with a baby that doesn't sleep, look no further you have found your solution!!!


Kate Bicton, WA

We were fortunate to have the fabulous support of Caroline McMahon for a month via their phone/email 1 month support package, which saw us through a tricky phase that had emerged for our daughter Ruby's sleep from when she was 5 months to 6 months old. Ruby had been doing frequent 40 minute cat naps through the day, was waking several times per night and it was taking increasing duration of time to help her get to sleep. Using the foundations in their book "5 Steps to Sleep for Infants & Toddlers" (which I devoured in a day!), Caroline provided incredible support to us as we assisted our daughter to learn the techniques of self settling through a gentle transition of steps. Within the month, we now have established a routine which has been tailored and adjusted to meet our daughter's individual needs. She has transitioned successfully through the month into now having 2x 1.5-1.75 hour day sleeps and is settling for the night by 6.30pm with Caroline's guidance. Caroline was an amazing source of information and encouragement and she assisted us to develop confidence in implementing and seeing thorough the changes with great effect. Her responses to our queries were always prompt and detailed to enable us to make any adjustments where necessary. I honestly can't recommend both their book and their individual support services enough!"


Tamara Perth, WA

I've been meaning to send you an email for absolutely ages, to tell you how wonderfully both of my boys sleep now! Chase started sleeping PERFECTLY just days after our last emails back in November and has been an angel ever since. It's amazing. He sleeps 2 hours in the morning and 1.5 or 2 hours in the afternoon. Quite often I have to wake him up after the 2 hours, and all he wants to do is roll over and go back to sleep! His night sleeps are absolutely brilliant too. We even went to Qld over Christmas to stay with family and they both slept perfectly every day and night – not a single disruption! So, thank you thank you THANK YOU for your help. I really can't thank you enough!


Deb Perth, WA

My angel wisdom package has now expired and I want to thank you for all your advice with regards to Milla's sleep. Milla is sleeping brilliantly and she is a happy little girl. My life is so much easier too! Everyone comments on how well she sleeps but I never imagined it could be this good back when she was little and sleeping for 20minute spurts in my arms! Your advice has been invaluable and has made such a huge difference to our quality of life.


Esther Perth, WA

Ava is sleeping beautifully now. She is in bed by 7pm and gets up somewhere between 6 and 7am for a snuggle and a breastfeed. We can't quite believe it! Even her daytime sleep is better now and she is so much more content throughout the day. It feels like your advice has pretty much saved our lives, or at the very least, has made us feel like we are actually living again!


Ali Perth, WA

I had a phone consult with Caroline M 3 days ago regarding my toddler who has been waking every 2-3hrs at night for months. The advice and recommendations Caroline gave were respectful and sensitive to my son's needs as well as my parenting style, and gave me a very clear plan to follow. Tonight is night 3 and the changes have already been so positive. No tears (his or mine!) either! Happy to go to sleep, far fewer wake ups and he's waking with more energy. Thank you Caroline!


Mardi Sydney NSW

My little one (16 months) recently started Family Daycare and I wanted to pass on some feedback to you Caroline M. Her carer mentioned to me how amazing my little lady's sleep habits and behaviours were - thank you as this is a reflection of the work you have done with us both since she was 6 weeks old. No fuss with going to sleep in a new environment, she has her little toy she takes to bed for familiarity, her sleeps are 1.5-2 hours at daycare, no tears or struggle and happy on waking. You can't ask for much more than that. Thank you for the strategies you have shared with myself and my little lady, they are adaptable in any environment.