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Caroline’s Angels also provides a range of online sleep solutions which enable parents around the world to benefit from their years of experience.

Over our years working with many wonderful families helping their children to sleep well, we have come to see that there are five main steps for healthy sleep.

As we move through each of these steps, it is important to consider them as principles. How you apply each principle to your baby is going to differ from one baby to another (even between siblings).

Each of these principles can be applied to all babies. However, it is how these principles are applied to each unique child that will differ.

You may find just by separating all feeds from your baby going to sleep as well as having the right sleep times for your baby that their sleep massively improves. You may feel that at that point you are happy with the way your baby’s sleep is and not need to alter too many other factors.

For other babies, they will need every single step attended to in great detail in order for their sleep to improve. As a family you may feel that you are putting in a lot of effort to improve things but with little reward.

As frustrating as this will most likely be for you, it is important to keep focused on meeting all of the recommendations to improve your child’s sleep.

Some families elect to get some support from us by way of a phone call, email support or an in home consult as we can support you through direct application of techniques and strategies.

If you feel that you need further support, head to our website www.carolinesangels.com.au and make contact with us, we are happy to help and we are certain there will be a package that suits you.

Our Dynamic Sleep Connection (DSC) Philosophy:

Dynamic Sleep Connection was founded as a learning model by Caroline McMahon and Caroline Radford.  Caroline and Caroline have been successfully working together as Caroline’s Angels Baby Sleep Specialists in the Perth metropolitan area since 2006 and work closely with families requiring support with their child’s sleep.

They became extremely sought after as their methods of supporting parents did not use abrupt extinction methods.  This was of great interest to parents that did not support such harsh methods or had babies that did not respond to these styles of change.  Caroline and Caroline have identified five key principles that need to be present for all babies to be able to develop healthy sleep patterns.  It is how each of these principles are applied to each baby that is the key success of their method.

Other professionals working with families became aware of the Caroline’s success, and wanted to know more so that they too, could assist families seeking help with gentle and effective methods.   Dynamic Sleep Connection was formed in order to assist other professionals learn the DSC model and implement a similar style and approach to addressing sleep and settling with babies and toddlers. Sleep for babies and young children flows with tides of growth and development for each unique child, therefore no one set method, technique or philosophy will apply to all babies at certain ages and stages.

Caroline’s Angels will have a Consultant located in Melbourne shortly using our own Dynamic Sleep Connection Model.


We believe the key to successful support for safe, healthy sleep for babies and children requires two key elements:

1. An intrinsic foundation knowledge about sleep and the key elements needed for healthy safe sleep

2. An ability to apply this knowledge using individualised techniques for the family you are supporting