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Bubbaroo Joey Swag - Sleeping Bags

We love baby sleeping bags.  Our favourite is the Bubbaroo Joey Swag.  Bubbaroo Joey Swags help to cue your baby it is time for sleep, allow for safe freedom of movement through sleep and help to maintain your babies body heat throughout a sleep.
Why should I purchase a Bubbaroo Joey Swag for my baby?

The Bubbaroo Joey Swag has been specifically designed with safety in mind and has the following important features:


  • Your baby can't slip down inside the Joey Swag
  • Keeps your baby at just the right temperature
  • Prevents your baby becoming caught in the cot bars

  • Designed to comfortably fit your baby as they grow
  • Sufficient room so that your baby can freely move without becoming uncovered
  • Varying weights keep your baby at just the right temperature
  • Maximum use of natural cotton fabrics for breathability and ease of care


  • Simple to use and no need for top sheets and blankets
  • Bottom opening zip for easy and convenient nappy changes
  • Includes travel system to accommodate a 5 point harness of a car seat or pram 

The Bubbaroo Joey Swag sleeping bag can be used from when baby is approximately 3.2kg (7 LBS).
If you have used the Joey Pouch swaddling Bag then the perfect time to transition from the Joey Pouch Swaddling Bag to the Joey Swag Baby Sleeping Bag is once your baby's startle reflex settles down and/or your baby is able to roll from their back to their front.

Bubbaroo features on 'What Women Want' - click here to view the video.

Child Age Minimum Child Weight Child length
0 - 6 months 3.2kg/ 7lb 70cm/27.5"
6 - 18 months 8.1kg/ 18lb 88cm/34.5"
18 - 36 months 11.4kg/ 25lb 100cm/ 39.5"

(2.5 tog)
Ideal for cold weather where there is a standard nursery temperatures of 16 - 20 degrees celsius
(1.0 tog)
Ideal for all year round use.  Use in nurseries of 20 - 24 degrees celsius
(0.33 tog)
Ideal for use during hot weather and very warm nurseries of 24 - 28 degrees celsius

If you are already using a sleeping bag, with the change of weather you may need to think about changing the weight of your sleeping bags.
If you are unsure of what you require, email us at info@carolinesangels.com.au and we can personally help you decide on TOG and weight sizes.